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Blunts+Moore on Leafly!

December 03, 2018

Blunts+Moore on Leafly!

Blunts+Moore is getting some great coverage in industry news. Leafly, a very popular "all things cannabis" news and information site featured a nice article on our opening last week. As the article points out, Blunts & Moore is the first dispensary to open under the city of Oakland’s revolutionary new social equity rules.

Our co-founders Alphonso T Blunt, Jr. and Brittany Moore cut the red ribbon Thursday on our sleek, new retail store right next door to Oakland’s Oracle Arena. Our ribbon cutting drew a host of local officials, neighbors, media, and friends for speeches, hip hop beats, and tacos.
“It’s amazing. I’m humbled.” said Blunt. “This is a very big deal to be able to sell cannabis legally in Oakland.”
Blunt is a 31-year-old, fourth-generation Oaklander. He started selling marijuana when he was 16. In 2003, his wholesale dealer snitched on him, and he ended up facing five years’ probation for a marijuana felony. But, every cloud has a silver lining. Blunt's felony conviction made Blunt eligible to be fast-tracked for an adult-use retail license under Oakland’s May 2017 equity law.
“This opening is history,” said Blunt's business partner Brittany Moore. “I’m glad it’s happening in Oakland. We’re looking forward to providing the best recreational shopper experience.”
Blunts & Moore is Oakland’s sixth operational adult use shop after two years of legalization.
Shortly after Blunt heard about the equity program in October 2017 a friend linked him up with Moore, an Atlanta native with experience at Morgan Stanley bank. “As soon as we put our last names together, we were going to be a success,” laughed Blunt.
The duo won one of four coveted equity permits from the Oakland City Council and immediately received a folder full of offers from investors.


When you visit, you'll discover our store has as a bright, clean, minimalist look evoking a national chain. About 90% of our 30 employees are Oakland residents.

We feature more than 500 products include Grizzly Peak Farms fresh flower, Guild extracts, and Korova edibles. You'll also find incredible savings on your favorite items. Eighths that are $75 elsewhere will be $55 at Blunts & Moore.

blunts+moore marijuana jars

Adult-use cannabis retailing has been a slow to expand in Oakland in the two years since California voters legalized cannabis in 2016. Blunts+Moore is Oakland’s - a city of 425,000 people - sixth operational adult use cannabis shop.